I'm currently working on my sci-fi / thriller series, Gie.

Gie: Center of the End.

'Welcome to the safety of Gie.'
The greeting for all species who wish to call the planet of Gie their new home, but it is anything but safe. Gie's leaders, the Apliss are entangled in a web of deception, masterminded by a deity that governs their existence. That God, however, is preparing for a battle to end all conflicts, the destruction of all. 

After a high-profile murder, two detectives, Vawn and Wulf, are tasked with tracking the most dangerous killer on Gie, but find themselves in a conspiracy that could shatter their world. When the detectives stumble upon evidence connecting the Apliss to their case, they are faced with a choice. Challenge the hierarchy and the one they serve or accept a life built atop lies. 



"A twisted scifi thriller with detective elements."

"50 Types of Nugget is a wildly-funny erotic parody. Like riding a carnival roller-coaster blindfolded, its twists and turns shock you while leaving a smile on your face and your seat a bit soiled."

50 Types of nugget. A not-so erotic parody

After years of trying her hardest to catch her manager's eye, Jennifer is thrown into the deep end of panty-drenching situations. Christopher Turquoise is a sexy gentleman with an equally hot lifestyle, and he decides to take Jennifer for a ride.

Can Jennifer and Christopher do the dirty deed, or will their actions flick the first domino in the destruction of their world?




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