The Dark Corona Series

Lovecraftian delights await those brave enough to enter the realm of the Four Dark Coronas. These cosmic horrors were once forgotten, but they are returning to claim the earth and the minds that inhabit it.

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The Dlliad Experiment

Lydia and Victor never managed to get the results the university wanted. Still, time, and their minds are about to change. When they finally make the discovery of their lifetimes, an entity known only as Dlliad is awoken. Reality and their minds soon become warped and distorted as they try to escape Dlliad's grasp.



Behold, the Centaur

Ben's a typical teenager. That is until he discovers a disturbing truth about his closest friend, Rayan. Soon after, Rayan goes missing, and Ben's town is visited by a creature so grotesque, its very presence warps and twists the mind. Can Ben unravel the strings of these strange events, and are there disturbing connections to his missing friend and the otherwordly entity?



Further unto

Deep holes split the earth's surface, birthing a plague of creatures known only as "the sleep crawlers." A washed-up detective is tasked with his last case, track a serial killer before his sickening musical can begin. Karma-Harma is the best-selling app of all time, but this death-counter has some tricks up its sleeve. The crew of the Komaru had one mission, reach Jupiter, but they found something else instead.

Many more horrors await those who delve into Pandemonium.



Cry of the Reich

Prepare for a Lovecraftian adventure, filled with strange science and unspeakable horrors.

This is the second book in the "Dark Corona" series. A collection of weird tales, centered around four cosmic horrors known only as Coronas.

From the Nazi abominations of world war 2 to the horrors that crawl beneath Beartooth Castle, this collection is sure to fuel your nightmares!



The Horror at
Beartooth Castle

Gauli Felkin is a servant, and like most of Beartooth's inhabitants, he fears the maniacal King, Leoric. The king is hellbent on unearthing the elixir of eternal life.


When a heavenly entity speaks of such a prize, Gauli is tasked with the quest of its retrieval. The angelic messenger, however, reveals itself to be something far more demonic than ever imagined.




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