Here's some funky-pop, kids songs I'll never sing and a few diary entries.

Do something different

Remember a time, when nobody, choked, on the interior, of cereal-boxes?

Put your finger on a dime, and save, for the, five, disc, boxset.

Turn the book to page seven, then back, to, page, four. Open all the mail, even, if, it’s, not, yours.

I, can’t, write, but I sure, can, word. Left, up, backward, ravioli and birds.

And the people, say, that the, library, stays. But the books, ran, away, and now, I’m home, for, Christmas.


Remember a time, when a bicycle, did, lots, of cool things?

Open a door, say hello, then, steal, all, of, their mail again.

Pick an interesting time, and recall, what, you, ate. And recycle, all, the, time, because, the planet, kinda, needs it.

And the people, yell, because, the postman, is, late. But the postman, is, intricate, or, maybe over, weight, and now, I’m home, for, Hanukkah.

Remember a time, when photographs, were, so, totally irreplace-able?

Paint all the pictures, and think, man, I’m, cool again.

And the people, buy, so many, lots, of, luxurious, really cool, beepy-things. But the beepy-thing, just, broke, and, the, sky, is turning, red again.

I love camels

I, ate, a camel burger. Down, at, the, fun fair, last year.

And I, still, don’t know, how-to-feel, because, I really, like, camels.

Does, the wind, blow? Does, the house, shake?

No, but I, still, love, camels. They walk, like, some, interesting, dudes.

Do, you ever, look, at, a, shoe? It, just, sits there, like, what do, I do.

Does, the moon, shine? Does, the down, up?

May-be, but, I’m feeling, pretty blue. The camera, only takes, pictures, of you.

I, ate, a camel burger. Down, where, the, wind, blows for, two.

And, I’ll be honest, it, tasted, pretty tasty. Like, rubber, and, that’s, my review.

Does, the cat, fall? Does the sweater crease?

Various animals

Dogs, are, like people, but, not cows. And, dogs, look like, people, with eyebrows.

And the, dog, says, no. That’s not, my, bowl.

Cats, are like, kites, but, not geese. And, the cats, fly, pretty well, from Greece.

But the, cat, says, wow. How much, treat, do you, allow?

Horses, are, like zebras, but, not dishes. And, horses, eat raisins, with, best wishes.

And the, horse, says hey. That’s, my, hay.

I, don’t, really like, Michael Douglas. He, always, looks suspicious, like, he’s, drugless.

But, Michael Douglas, he, flew. Just, to, say, I love, you.

If I had a Batmobile

If, I had, the Batmobile, I’d travel, round, the world. And, teach, everyone, about Jesus.

There’d, be, procreation, across the nation, and, fluffy, happy smiles.

If dogs, could speak, they’d speak, in, vows. Then, every-one-’d, pleasant.


We’d, give them, treats, have all, the eats, and, something, in-volving, linen.

If okay, is right, then baby, tonight. We’re, gonna, be watching, Netflix.

What’s recommended, is, hardly, splendid. But, I’m, done, counting sheep.

If, I had, the Batmobile, I’d travel, round, the world. And, teach, everyone, about Jesus.

I don't like

I opened, up, my window, real, elegan-tly. I, think I, made, a new, friend, it’s a, bum-ble-bee.

It went, bumbling, tumbling, and felt, real, humbling, but I, don’t, like bees.

I opened, up, my soul, and it, felt, so, fresh. I built, my, bee, a snow-globe, from, paper-mâ-ché, mesh.

It went, swish swish, down down, now, I’m, in, a dress.

Why do we say goodbye?

Why do, we say, goodbye?

What if, it’s, already, a, bad, night?

Why do, we bless, when, we, sneeze?

Is it, one, of those things, thanks, yes, and please?

A pie’s, a pie, until, it’s, on my bike.

And, the, reason why, is, that, I ride, a trike.

It’s, so comfortable, riding, on, my trike.


I, feel invincible, like I’m, almost, life, like.

I'm feelin'

Now, I’m feeling, kinda crazy, but they still say, then when why.

I’m on wheels-yeah, kinda lazy, but I’ll, hold, on, high.

Ya gotta, go, down, where, the mood, is, right.

Ya need to, not frown, turn that, grey, to, white.

And, I’m feeling, lovin’ baby, but they still pray, up, way, high.

And, I’m cookin-yeah, oven baby, and it, tastes, all, right.

Ya gotta, go, down, where, the moon, is, bright.

Ya need to, not drown, keep your, time, alright.


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