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Are we heading for WW3?

It has been roughly seven thousand years since I last updated this blog, but everybody loves to occasionally thrust their drooping meat onto a topical bandwagon.

WW3. As far as directly alarming acronyms and abbreviations go, it’s up there with the greats. STD, WMD, and WWF are just a select few hair-raising phrases. The WWF obviously being an expansive foundation in which wild pandas must duel to the death, equipped with nothing more than bamboo and the hope of asserting their sexual dominance. In conclusion, war is no laughing matter, but poorly researched wrestling puns, on the other hand, are.

So, we’re heading for a third world war. Nukes are about to fly, britches are to be shit, and we’re all going to be blown back to the stone age. I mean, Russia’s grizzly hand is currently poised and positioned, ready to slam that launch button so hard that even the most endowed whale would shrivel up in jealousy.

Not quite. Let’s jump straight in and approach the corrupted elephant in the room. The mainstream media has, for quite a while, controlled or at least influenced the public’s opinion on a plethora of globally essential matters. Post-2001, Islamophobia, for example, became commonplace in the mainstream media. If four crimes happened in one area, regardless of whether or not they were statistically abnormal, you could guarantee Islamic people would be the first targets. Again, whether a suspect or not. Remember the Jean Charles De Menezes shooting? Bias and prejudice can be influenced with relatively little effort and just a small pinch of suggestion.

Now, where do we stand in terms of standing at the very edge of destruction via nuclear holocaust? Subjectively speaking, no closer than we have been at any point in the past 40 years. Paraphrased quotes, coupled with article titles containing terrifying information, may say otherwise. But if you take a few minutes to fact-check said information, you will quickly realize that all of these horrifying revelations are nothing new and occur every year (see the MSM coverage of North Korea over the past five years in particular).

The US strikes on Syria, whatever your preferred context aside, we’re hyped up and injected with a heavy dose of fear-mongering almost a week before them actually taking place. Fear sells and does consume the emotionally vulnerable, but it only takes a couple of clicks to verify your information. If you see a “threat” or a “quote” contained within a news article, research that quote and see if the data matches the legitimate source.

Please don’t run into the streets wearing nothing but a precision made, 3D printed tinfoil hat, and start throwing your own excrement at your sleeping neighbors in an attempt to “wake them up.” The media isn’t an evil collaborative entity. We just need to do our own research and not get sucked in by thinly veiled ads, propaganda, and click-bait.

To clarify, though, I do not know any more about this than you do, but I can assure you that if the world were about to be plunged into nuclear chaos, any updates regarding the matter would not be overshadowed.



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